Our Story of Success

As the story goes - there was a group of people that found it extremely difficult to be able to drink a good cup of pure tea which not only tasted great but consisted of pure/natural ingredients. Therefore, this group decided to make “A Pure Cup of Good Tea” which was similar to pure tea they desired , and they decided to establish a milk tea shop they liked..
Due to their near-paranoid pursuit for pure tea, there seems to be a “Holy Land of Mike Tea” in the hearts of the founders and the team is on the pilgrimage road (Note: The word “朝” in “朝圣” and “朝茶” is “pilgrimage”) thus the brand was named “朝茶TSAoCAA”

The Best Menu of Us

Your body deserves the best vitamins and drinks. We provide only top quality products based on organic materials. Live long and healthy. Every Detox is filled with two pounds of organic fruits and vegetables. Freshly pressed only, that proves terms of using and keeping.

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